“Communication is the essence of human life”

Therapy Sessions

Everyone wants to be understood. The frustrations of not being able to communicate effectively causes long term affects on you emotionally, socially and academically.

Speech therapy for children and young adolescents


Speech pathology sessions prove to be effective treatment for children struggling with a variety of developmental delays, disorders or conditions.






Knowing when speech therapy sessions may be required

  • They are using less words, develop initial speech sounds (babble) slowly or shorter sentences than their peers indicating a possible delay
  • Getting ‘stuck’ on words
  • Finding it difficult to play with, alongside other or make and keep friends
  • Unclear speech
  • Difficulties expressing their needs and wants
  • Avoiding eye contact
  • Difficulties understanding and/or remembering instruction
  • Experiencing challenges with reading and/or spelling

Speech Therapy Sessions Near You


How we make speech sounds and the patterns of errors. 


How we listen and interpret spoken words; how we put words together when we produce language. 


How smooth talking is produced; includes stuttering and cluttering.

Expressive and Receptive Difficulties including Developmental Language Disorder (DLD)

Having difficulties in conveying or expressing information is known as expressive disorder. Trouble in forming accurate sentences is commonly a sign of this condition and is associated with variety of developmental impairments or as a stand-alone delay. Receptive language difficulties can cause a child to seem disinterested when someone is speaking to them and can furthermore limit their vocabulary.  Children struggling with delayed receptive language can have difficulties understanding and processing what others say.

Multi-modal communication

Using verbal and nonverbal communication. 

Reading & writing

Sounds write is an evidence based approach. No guessing is required. 

Social communication

How we engage with those arround us. 

(Online Speech Therapy Sessions)

Online speech therapy sessions can still be fun and interactive, from the comfort of your home.

We have proactively adapted our services to guarantee the continuity of our care to our valued clients.

Through various password protected online platforms we are able to see and speak to our clients.

With the ability to share pictures, activities and drawings on screen, our therapy always remains fun and interactive.

What can your child expect from their speech pathology sessions with us?

All speech therapy exercises and activities differ dependant on your child’s unique difficulty, age, and requirements. They can expect our speech & language pathologist to:


Model correct sounds and syllables


Interact with enthusiasm and professionalism utilising books, objects, toys or pictures


Provide strategies to implement at home or out in the community as appropriate for the child and caregiver if required


Provide strategies to implement at home or out in the community as appropriate for the child and caregiver if required


Make sessions fun and engaging for your child


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