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Our teams provide speech pathology services at our clinic, as well as various locations, including schools, child care centres and kindergartens.

We also render our services online through highly effective telehealth sessions.

Communication Assessments

Assessments With My Speech Centre

Your journey with My Speech Centre will usually start with an assessment conducted by one of our qualified Speech Language Pathologists.

The assessment uncovers the type of communication difficulties that are being experienced and provides us with a solid base from which our treatment plan is established.

Together with the family, a treatment plan is created. Our speech pathology treatment plans encourage peer interaction, socialisation, learning skills, speech development and sensory integration, all aligned according to the unique needs of our patient.

Individual Therapy

Individual Therapy

Our individual one-on-one or telehealth speech therapy sessions are tailored to your child’s unique speech development difficulties.

The exercises and activities within each treatment plan vary depending on our client’s age and needs.

Your child’s progress is closely monitored throughout the progression of the treatment plan and small adjustments are made to ensure that the desired outcome is reached.

Our therapists may give you and your child strategies to deal with any obstacles more effectively in the real world.

These activities that are practiced when away from our clinic reinforce the skills that your child is learning throughout our sessions with them.

Patients show the most progress when they are surrounded by family who participate in their treatment plan.

Group Therapy

Dependant on your child’s needs and once they are ready, group speech therapy is a fantastic way in which to develop their social communication skills.

Social interactions such as understanding rules, starting conversations and taking turns are more easily learnt in small group therapy sessions and the benefits are clear.

Children who may have difficulties with social language skills and articulation may struggle to perform academically and socially. Group speech therapy sessions help to build the skills needed at home and beyond.

Sounds – Write Literacy Program

Sounds-Write Literacy Program

Our speech pathologists are affiliated and equipped to offer your school one of the best literacy programmes available, Sounds-Write – First Rate Phonics.

This world-class method designed to assist children and young adults to learn how to read and spell has become synonymous with success.

Our therapists have undergone vigorous training, attaining the skills required to effectively teach reading and spelling from the very beginning of a child’s school career, from primary, into secondary and even through to tertiary levels of education.

Our reading and writing specialists are trained in the Sounds-Write linguistics phonics program, one of the most successful literacy programs in the world.

Sounds-Write adopts a direct approach by teaching the connection between phonemes and graphemes explicitly which has consistently proven that children successfully develop and comprehend the necessary skills of blending, segmenting and manipulating sounds for reading and writing


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